Dr. Joseph D. Bedich
Cortland Implant Dentist
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Over the last five years, Dr. Bedich has committed over a thousand hours to continuing education in implant, cosmetic and other restorative dental care. Dr. Bedich has pursued this area of expertise because of his familiarity with dentures. While dentures can give patients back some basic dental benefits, many people still suffer from diet restrictions, denture loosening and movement, reduced dental function over the years, reduction of jaw bone strength, and premature jaw bone shrinkage.

Dental Implants or implant-supported dentures are the modern way to treat single, multiple and complete tooth loss. Implants are the long-term solution. Dr. Bedich has completed over 800 hours of training in dental implant placement and restoration in the last five years. This includes a 300-hour course at the Medical College of Georgia and a 156 - hour course at Case Western Reserve.

Dr. Bedich has received many awards and honors in his pursuit of excellence in implant dentistry for his patients. He has also kept up-to-date in modern, natural-looking crown and bridge restorative dentistry and composite restorations (white 'fillings').

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